Towers “The Fields” Video Premier

Thank you to the band, Towers, Rick Duncan and Darryl Swan, and to Max Rees who played guitar and did backup vocals on this song and album. Thank you to Ashley Duncan who fabricated the witch puppet and to Noelle Barce who illustrated the Towers band logo, and Also to Christina Kemp for the encouragement! […]

Towers Video Premier in 1 week plus Magnajector find!

I I’m done with my final cut of the Towers video, and will be publishing it on the blog next week! (I figure if I set a deadline and announce it, there’ll be more pressure to follow through and get this thang released!) On another note, found this sweet magnajector in a second hand shop […]

Supplies…The Infinite Search for Bollocks

If you don’t work for Hollywood, chances are your budget is bollocks, and you have to find your materials behind the used teapots and broken plumb pipes of thriftstores and flea markets. I find myself at Goodwills and Salvation Armies probably at least 2 to 4 hours a week. Luckily I inherited the genes that […]

Cleanliness is Close to Godliness….Especially when Clay is Invloved

As they say, Cleanliness is close to godliness, and when it comes to stop motion with clay….thats fucking so true.  Because basically when you’re animating, you are playing god. its your own little world that you’ve created, your own characters you’ve built, your stage, story, lighting, and actions. You are manipulating every aspect of this […]

Concept art and asthetic

I wanted to keep it simple for a few reasons.this being my first major jaunt into stop-mo, I didn’t want too many elements to keep track of to begin with. Having 3 characters who are rather distinct from each other, I figured I can focus my attention on each one without worrying about the actions […]

Story Boards and Characters

To begin with, I sketched out a rough draft of some story boards from the notes I took the night that the Story came to me. The initial notes were absolute chaotic, almost incomprehensible scribblings in red sharpy on the front…and back…of a peice of notebook paper, and as we all know, sharpies leak pretty […]

Right then! lets get this started, shall we?

Why I’m here? I’m here to blog about my journeys into Film and music…specifically stop motion animation. I am a new comer to the field of stop motion, but I’ve been making flip books and sketching sketchy pictures all my life. I’ll be posting pictures and videos of my progress and showing the techniques I’m […]