Instrumental tracking


Just finished instrumental tracking for 2 songs, feeling pretty good. Devised a way to track guitar and bass with great reproducible results. Beyerdynamic ribbon on a swivel about equidistant from each amp + close micing each cabinet.

Rhodes restoration: Dismemberment, Inspection and Cleaning

To begin this restoration, I decided to dismantal everything and do a general cleansing of all easily accessible surfaces and parts. I removed the harp from the harp support, took out the keys, and removed the action rail and support from the cabinet. Needless to say, it was rather filthy from years of use and I actually found a couple, erm…interesting items! check out the pictures below.

After a good vacuuming of the case, which probably hasn’t seen the light of day in 30+ years, I found that the push rod assembly felts were coming unglued. The push rod assembly is what pushes up on the damper rail when the sustain pedal is pressed. When it pushes on the damper rail, the damper felts are held away from the tines so that they can sustain. There were a couple other issues I saw, such as a floppy damper felt which needs to be reglued, and a missing wooden hammer tip! which explains why one of the notes in my initial test was extremely dull.

One last observation I made about this piano helped me identify its age. The serial number and date was rather faded, so traditional dating was not effective. When I looked under the hammers, I saw that the key pedestal felts had been glued to the hammers rather than the key pedestal. I read on some Rhodes forums that Rhodes made this change on models built in 1976/77, so there ya have it!

Thanks for reading! Next post will be all about the cleaning of the tone bar assembly! stay tuned








Rhodes before video

Here’s a quick vid of the Rhodes before I commence my restoration . There are some keys that do not glide easily on the action rail, and as you can hear, there are some major issues with the upper notes, not sustaining and not being in tune.

Luckily, all the pickups are functioning, and there are no broken tines or tone bars. There is extensive oxidation on some of the tone bares and tines throughout the piano so i have decided to just go ahead and clean ALL of them, which has turned out to be quite a labor intensive job, but I will share my tips and tricks in an upcoming post!

Towers “The Fields” Video Premier

Thank you to the band, Towers, Rick Duncan and Darryl Swan, and to Max Rees who played guitar and did backup vocals on this song and album. Thank you to Ashley Duncan who fabricated the witch puppet and to Noelle Barce who illustrated the Towers band logo, and Also to Christina Kemp for the encouragement! Thank you to Nicole Morales, for her love and support and for tolerating my long hours working in the studio and at home! You ARE a sweety pie!

Thank you to all who followed this stop motion endeavor!! It has been a long, educational, and wondrous journey!

Love and hugs!

-Matt Koski

Towers “The Fields” Video Premier tomorrow!

Stay Tuned friends! I’ve been anticipating this day for over a year and a half. Thanks to everyone who’s followed my stop motion endeavor’s. let me know what you think, and feel free to share with your friends. This is the just the beginning!

Witchy Woman
Witchy Woman Production Still

Towers Video Premier in 1 week plus Magnajector find!

I I’m done with my final cut of the Towers video, and will be publishing it on the blog next week! (I figure if I set a deadline and announce it, there’ll be more pressure to follow through and get this thang released!)

On another note, found this sweet magnajector in a second hand shop in baker city last week. It projects an image of whatever is in the viewfinder, without the need for slides. I foresee a future stop-mo project utilizing it. Check out the pics below – perfect for animators, er uhm…i mean shut ins! Ha!





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