El Mariachi Y La Bruja De Cascabel Teaser

(The Mariachi and The Rattlesnake Witch)

In this teaser, we see the opening scene of a story about a lone mariachi who has a soul wrenching secret. A tumbleweed scratches through the cactus brush as the moon rises in the background. Pushing into the moon, we descend into the valley below.  Hold… and focus on the Skeleton Sheriff who is investigating a gruesome crime scene. Poke, poke, poke at the body he goes with his baton. Blood has pooled from under the mangled bunny. The Sheriff taps his brow with the baton as he ponders these goings on… Who would leave this mangled dead bunny, wasted and blood-let, in the Sonoran moon light? Could it be a Chupacabra? Time to get poking again. Time to bust out the paddy wagon.

Maybe if he puts pressure on the frog folk, he might get some answers. They like singing, dancing and playing their mariachi violins, horns, Bajo Sexto and guitarrón. Maybe its time for a Hoedown sponsored by the Sonoran Fraternal Order of Skeleton and Ghost Police. And when the perpetrator is found…If the hammers don’t pound, god help us, there’s gonna be a hanging for sure… In the full moon light for all to see.

So rabble the lynch mob and steer clear of the Bruja Serpiente (Snake Witch). More specifically, watch out for that Witchy Woman, The Bruja De Cascabel (Rattlesnake Witch). This dead bunny remnant couldn’t be from her though….for she eats her prey whole!!! Muuuuuaaaahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!

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