Video editing is going really well. There was certainly a learning curve with Final Cut Pro, but I got the basics and have pretty much laid out my clips. Now I must go in and add effects and color correction to give it that finishing touch of pro-ness. I’ve gotten some good feedback from Towers, and am super stoked to finally be releasing my work soon.

On that note, I’ll be researching stop motion festivals to see if there are any I can enter and maybe get some exposure.

Here’s some stills:
SingSkull short Black _7

witches curse final_307


A few posts ago, I was developing a skeleton for my skeleton, but never followed up with what I did, so heres…the rest..of the story(with journalistic tone):

Making Stuff! – A Skeleton’s Skeleton 2nd attempt

-Desk Lamp

Firstly, I chopped off the bottom of the desk lamp and turned the remaining upside down, which gave me a strong metal gooseneck that was posable and bendable…and most importantly, did not move without me knowing. Then I drilled the lamp into a hunk of wood to give it a wider base to allow the gooseneck(and thus mr. Grimm) to bend down low. and Lastly, I glued Grimm to the Goose, ’cause hey..whats good for the Grimm is a Goose that ganders.

Badda-Bing Badda-Boom! I had my Grimmward with strong metal bone structure who could jump when I said how high? Heres some pics:





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