Right then! lets get this started, shall we?

Why I’m here? I’m here to blog about my journeys into Film and music…specifically stop motion animation. I am a new comer to the field of stop motion, but I’ve been making flip books and sketching sketchy pictures all my life. I’ll be posting pictures and videos of my progress and showing the techniques I’m using in the hopes that it helps others interested in making their own animations.

To Start, I’d like to thank Sussanah Shaw, who wrote a book about this craft that has really helped me to conceptualize various technical aspects of puppet making and animating. Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation, is a great place to start wrapping your head around this whole shit storm and figure out where your jumping off point is going to be.

For me, I was inspired by a song by a band I have worked with as an engineer/producer. The band, Towers, from Portland, OR had a song about a witch burning, and listening to the track late one night in the studio….the gears started turning as I pictured the scene. A story started to form about a young kid witnessing thiscarnage and I decided to set out to make my vision manifest through stop motion.

This is that story, unabridged.

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